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There is a chapter in Lewis Carol’s Through the Looking Glass in which a miniature Alice finds herself in the garden behind her house talking to a tiger lily. It’s a fantastical notion really, to anyone but a florist. Us flower folk talk to our blooms regularly. We praise them, shower them with attention and encouragement, sometimes we even chastise a few for being such delicate wimps. It’s no wonder the blooms in Carol’s garden of live flowers were a little haughty; an attitude earned by all the gazes of admiration a flower must endure. However, in Disney’s adaption of the scene, the flowers were equally sensible, as they taught Alice that you can learn a lot of things from flowers, for especially in the month of June.

June is here and spring will blend into summer too soon, but the season’s senior roster is at its biggest, brightest and best. Although we do appreciate each flower for its own individual quirks and personality, we, at Wild North Flowers, have developed some devout feelings for a few particular combinations of petals.

Peony Bouquet

PEONY. There is nothing basic about this girl. Not only a modern classic, but simply a classic classic. The peony has long been a symbol of abundance, wealth and honour--dubbed “Spring’s Shooting Star” or the “King of Flowers”. Any gardener knows that the flower does indeed inspire its own subjects, as it draws ants to its bud with its nectar in a ruse to have them work open their ruffled and fluffy cloud-like blooms. It’s the stuff cotton-candy-flavoured dreams are made of.

Peony on Peony

FOXGLOVE. This foxy lady is our most whimsical in the studio this month. There is something about foxglove that is pure magic, as if it were made out of teeny, tiny little fairy hats. And, as a Scandinavian legend tells, fairies taught foxes to ring the flower’s thimble-shaped bells in order to warn their kin when a hunter was near.

Spring Flowers

DELPHINIUM. The tall kid in class turned super model. Known best for its iconic, heart-breaking blues, this towering beauty steals the scene in any arrangement. Its star-shaped blooms are the reason for delphinium’s common names larkspur or knight’s spur, but in Greek the name translates to dolphin, referring to its sleek, streamlined shape. Call it whatever you choose, we’ll be happy to keep this one around in July.

Delphinium Bouquet

Peony Bouquet

- Written by Katie Jordon, Wild North Floral Designer. 

June 23, 2016 by Jennifer Fowlow

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