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Alocasia & Prayer Plant Duo


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Meet this cute Alocasia and Prayer Plant Duo in matching 4" matte grey planters. These two look great paired together or in separate areas of your home.  
We highly recommend doing some research on each of these stunning plants, but here are some helpful quick tips to get you started: 
Alocasia love humidity and indirect bright light. Placing them in front of direct sunlight, near any AC unit or heater will result in a very unhappy plant. Because they love humidity, but like soil on the drier side, feel free to frequently mist their leaves. When watering, ensure that the first 2"-3" inches of soil are dry before watering. 
The Prayer Plant also loves humidity. They like to be watered frequently with room temperature to warm water, but be careful not to over water them. The best thing to do is water when they soil is semi-dry. Watering can be reduced in the winter.
They prefer indirect light, but can tolerate low light. Avoid direct sunlight as you don't want to burn their leaves! 
Because both plants love humidity, a good trick to increase this in your home is placing a pebble tray nearby, or by frequently misting them. 

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