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Potted Plants

toronto local potted plant succulents

Cacti and succulents are very low maintenance. The easiest way to kill them is overlove, in the form of too much water. Remember, these are originally desert plants and are used to going without water for quite a while. We recommend a small amount of water (think shot glass size) every two weeks. Other than that, leave these babies in sunlight and watch them grow (very slowly). 

Vase Arrangements and Hand-Tied Bouquets

Change the water every day or two to keep bacteria from multiplying, and cut the stems with sharp scissors to help your flowers drink. These two steps will prolong the life of your arrangement by 3-6 days! As every flower has a different life expectancy, some will (sadly) die sooner than others. To help keep the water fresh and bacteria-free, remove the daintier flowers once they are looking past their prime. Some of the hardier blooms can last for over two weeks!

Expert Tip: Flowers like to be cool. Avoid placing your arrangement next to a heater or vent, and don't leave them sitting in direct sunlight. 

Vase Arrangements

toronto local flower vase arrangements

Your Wild North Flowers arrangement is designed in its vase and ready for display on your desk, kitchen counter, coffee table and Instagram feed

Hand-Tied Bouquets

toronto local large hand-tied flower bouquet

After you've gushed over your beautiful bouquet, it's time to transfer it to your favorite jar or vase.  Simply remove it from its packaging (it will be secured with floral wire so don't worry about having to arrange it yourself) and snip the stems so that the shortest flower sits slightly above the top of the vase. Fill up your clean vase or jar with cool water and display!