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How are you different from a typical retail florist?

One, we don't have a physical storefront.  Two, we only source Ontario-grown flowers. See our Wild North Difference section for all the details.

Why don't you have a retail store?

Our goal is to deliver the freshest, most beautiful local floral arrangements at a fair price.  In order to do that, we have to flip the traditional business model on its head. Wild North Flowers is all about efficiency and cutting down on waste.  Not having walk-in customers allows us to focus on fulfilling orders, and because we can easily monitor all of our upcoming orders online, we don’t have to over-stock our cooler.

Why local?

We think the question should be, why not local?  We love everything about local flowers.  Our design style is dictated by the season, as we let nature take the lead. Because we design our arrangements based on seasonal availability, you are buying flowers at their very best!  Local flowers have travelled at most a few hundred kilometres to get here, as opposed to several thousand.  Need more convincing?  Locally-grown flowers are hyper-fresh, and can usually be enjoyed by our customers for weeks instead of days. Buying local supports local growers, the agricultural community and economy.  It also encourages sustainable growing practices.  Choosing local reduces the environmental impact of buying cut flowers, by limiting transportation emissions and removing the need to use harsh chemicals and pesticides typically used to keep flowers alive during their long journeys.

    But this is Canada and it is cold. How do flowers even grow here in the winter?

    One word: greenhouse.  Ontario is actually the third largest producer of floriculture products in North America, after California and Florida.  Seriously!  Check out the Pick Ontario website for more information about the amazing floriculture industry in Canada.

    Why can’t I select the specific flowers for my arrangement?

    We want to provide you with the freshest product at the fairest price.  In order to do that, we stay in constant contact with our growers and require flexibility when deciding what to buy.  We don’t want to promise you peach sweetheart roses only to show up at the market and find them looking bruised and sad, or inexplicably twice the price of the cream-coloured sweethearts.  Instead, we ask that you trust us in selecting the very best that local growers have to offer. 

    Why can’t I see a photo in advance of exactly what I will be ordering?

    No two Wild North Flowers arrangements are ever identical.  Every order we make uses a different combination of product, depending on your colour preference, price point, and the designer’s daily selections.  It would be a logistical impossibility to photograph each arrangement, send the photo to you for approval, wait for a response, make any necessary adjustments... nothing would ever get done! Instead, we ask that you trust us, knowing that we pride ourselves on only sending out beautiful arrangements. 

    How are the flowers delivered?

    Our arrangements are walked, biked, or driven to the recipient’s doorstep. We partner with a variety of trusted local courier services to make sure your flowers arrive looking just as great as when they left our studio.

    How long will the flowers last? How do I look after them?

    Change the water every day or two to keep bacteria from multiplying, and cut the stems with sharp scissors to help your flowers drink. These two steps will prolong the life of your arrangement by 3-6 days! As every flower has a different life expectancy, some will (sadly) die sooner than others. To help keep the water fresh and bacteria-free, remove the daintier flowers once they are looking past their prime. Some of the hardier blooms can last for over two weeks!

    Vase Arrangement: Your Wild North Flowers arrangement is designed in its vase and ready for display on your desk, kitchen counter, coffee table and Instagram feed

    Hand-Tied Bouquet: After you've gushed over your beautiful bouquet, it's time to transfer it to your favourite jar or vase.  Simply remove it from its packaging (the stems will be secured with floral wire so don't worry about having to arrange it again yourself) and snip the stems so that the shortest flower sits slightly above the top of the vase. Fill up your clean vase or jar with cool water and display!  

    Expert Tip: Flowers like to be cool. Avoid placing your arrangement next to a heater or vent, and don't leave them sitting in direct sunlight. 

    How do I look after my potted plants?

    Cacti and succulents are very low maintenance. The easiest way to kill them is over love, in the form of too much water. Remember, these are originally desert plants and are used to going without water for quite a while. We recommend a small amount of water (think shot glass size) every two weeks. Other than that, leave these babies in sunlight and watch them grow (very slowly). 

    How are the flowers wrapped?

    All orders are beautifully packaged for both appearance and safe travel, using craft paper, tissue paper, ribbon and one of our custom cards.  We hand-write your message and enclose the card in a sealed envelope. Bouquets are secured in a simple water bag, which keeps the stems hydrated for 24 hours.  Therefore there is no big rush to get the flowers in water; the recipient can carry them home from work without any worry.  Vase arrangements already have water and can be easily transported in the sturdy little box they come in. 

    Do you host workshops?

    Yep!  We have a big gorgeous studio and love hosting workshops here. We offer floral design group workshops, as well as private ones. Whether you are planning a bridal shower, bachelorette, birthday party, team-building activity or work event, we’ve got you covered. We can create a custom event to suit your needs - Contact Us to start planning something special!

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