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Ficus Benjamina


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Ficus Benjamina or weeping fig is a hearty plant with elegant leaves and a tree-like appearance that make it a popular, staple houseplant. If you start to look around you may see Ficus Benjamina around malls, offices and households. These plants can grow up to 30 metres high (don't worry, this one won't) and even grow in parks in more tropical areas. 

We are incredibly happy to add Weeping Fig to our collection. Like all Ficus, we recommend finding a permanent place for your plant to sit, as ficus plants tend to not like being moved around too much. 

Ficus tends to prosper in indirect light. The plant can also take moderate shade but placing this plant in a room with a window will give it its best chance! Ficus can be regularly fertilized between May to October but fertilization should be slowed down in the colder months.

Watering for a weeping fig plant is the same as most tropical plants. Weeping Fig requires regular watering approximately every 7 to 10 days. Like most plants, this plant should not be overwatered. The soil should always dry out slightly before watering again. 

The white ceramic planter is 6"X 4.75". 

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