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Juicy Jade


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Jade or Crassula Ovata is a plant of many names. Friendship tree, lucky plant, lucky jade or money plant are just some of the common names it goes by. Jade is a common houseplant and an easy to care for succulent. Most people enjoy its tree-like appearance with its brown trunk and juicy leaves. Jade's thick hearty leaves and thick trunks help this succulent survive drought. That being said, jades can take slightly more water than other common succulents. In the winter months, it is encouraged that you slow down watering.

Crassula Ovata should be watered every 14-20 days throughout the year but can be watered every week if the soil is drying out quickly in the hot summer months. If your jade drops leaves, or has brown spots appear on the leaves, it is a good indication that the plant is too dry and needs more water. Jades should have at least 4+ hours of indirect sunlight a day to grow properly.

The jade plant represents good luck and prosperity and makes a wonderful present for a friend as it is known as ‘friendship plant’. In addition, when properly cared for these plants can last a lifetime. 

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