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Large Prayer Plant

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Say hello to the new prayer plant!  We're offering a limited amount in this large 8.5" x 8.5" raised grey concrete planter. Looking for something smaller? No problem! Check out our Small Prayer Plant in a sleek 4.5" black and beige planter. 
This beauty is one of our favourites and gets it's name from the way it's leaves go from laying flat, to folding upright like praying hands at night. 
They are very particular about watering, they like room temperature to warm water. During the spring and summer, they like to be water frequently BUT be careful not to overwater as their leaves will turn yellow and fall off. It is also best not to let your Prayer Plant dry out as they are susceptible to drought. The best thing to do is water when they soil is semi-dry. Watering can be reduced in the winter.
They prefer indirect light, but can tolerate low light. Avoid direct sunlight as you don't want to burn their leaves! 
They need lots of humidity - if the temperature is too low it can damage their leaves. Often, the temperature in most homes is too low, but there are several tips and tricks to get around this, like misting their leaves with room temperature or warm water. 
The Prayer Plant is stunningly gorgeous but requires a bit more care than your average houseplant, but it is SO worth it! We encourage you to do some research on your new addition to ensure it thrives. 

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