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*Plant of the Week: String of Pearls*


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String of Pearls

Senecio rowleyanus, commonly known as string of pearls or string of beads, is a creeping succulent vine that belongs to the family Asteraceae. String of pearls is a wonderful and unique houseplant.

Like most houseplants you will need to provide it with some care. This succulent, like most succulents, can tolerate drought and should be watered sparingly. This plant should only be watered when the soil is completely dry. This equals out to approximately every 14-20 days or every 2-3 weeks (depending on how much light it is getting). Just remember, watering too often can increase the chances of root rot so let the soil dry out at least half an inch or so between waterings. 

This plant can tolerate bright indirect light but will flourish in a naturally well-lit room. As it grows longer you may feel the need to trim it, at this point you could propagate it and share a cutting with your friends! Or keep for yourself and start a string of pearls colony. 

Limited quantities available, so don't wait too long! This 5.25" x 5" Mateo pot is a fan favourite. (Each order is for one potted plant only.) 

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