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Pothos in Woven Basket


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Medium: $70 (woven basket is 8.5"X 8.75")

Epirpremnum Aureum is a hearty houseplant commonly known as golden pothos, silver vine, devil’s vine or devil’s ivy for it can stay green in almost complete darkness and is extremely hard to kill.

Epirpremnum or ‘pothos’ is very shade tolerant but will also grow in bright indirect light. It is perfect for that low-light room in your house, your bathroom or even your office building. It is good to note the amount of variegation that your Epirpremnum plant has, for only the green parts of the leaves can produce chlorophyll properly so a variegated leaf may slow growth, may lose its colour or revert back to green if it is not getting enough light.

Pothos can survive in dry soil but should be watered when the soil appears dry (approximately every 6-10 days). Epirpremnum can be fertilized every few months to increase growth.

Fun Fact: Epirpremnum can also grow hydroponically in just a glass of clean water! If your vines become too long, they can be cut around the root nodules and planted into other pots or rooted in water.

The basket is lined with plastic so no worries about leaks.

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