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Potted Orchid


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These gorgeous orchids are certainly show stoppers. Orchids represent good luck and prosperity and are the perfect gift for the person who already has everything.
The orchid is potted in a 5.5" x 4.5" matte white planter and finished off with Spanish moss. Each orchid is unique and has different markings. All the orchids we send out will have purple, pink, yellow and/or white tones but may not look exactly like those in these pictures. 
Orchids flourish in indirect light, so placing your orchid in a room with a north or east-facing window is ideal. Orchids prefer ample water. To check if an orchid needs water, press into the growing medium and see if it is moist or dry. When it’s dry, the plant will need to be watered. Check on your orchid every 7 days. When an orchid is blooming feel free to fertilize often to help it continue blooming and optimize the blooms themselves. When the flowering period is finished you can trim the stem back and wait. Orchids hold their energy in their big green leaves and usually take about 6-8 months to bloom again. When an orchid isn’t blooming water normally but hold off on fertilizing until you see it start to grow a bloom again.  

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