How to Care for Dried Flowers
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How to Care for Dried Flowers

Dried and preserved flowers have quickly become a dominant style in contemporary floral design. From elegant ruscus foliage and bold palm fronds, to fluffy bunny tail grasses or hanging amaranth—our florists are always reaching for dried flowers as a way to add texture and whimsy to the arrangements they create at Wild North Flowers. And they’re not alone: brides are opting to use dried florals in their wedding flowers to create timeless and memorable pieces that they can hold onto, proving that this trend has graduated to design staple.

With more colours and varieties to choose from than ever before, it’s no wonder that residences and offices alike are opting to style their spaces with these modern alternatives to fresh blooms. Not only are dried flowers aesthetically intricate and full of charm, when properly cared for, they are made to last.

Like most varieties, dried flowers are delicate and require specific conditions. After all, they are a natural product and it is unavoidable that they will change over time. But, by getting the light, moisture, placement and other elements just right, you can add to the longevity of your dried flower arrangement.

Try these 5 low-maintenance tips to keep your dried flower arrangement looking pristine for seasons to come.


Too much exposure to bright light will cause your dried blooms to fade. This also applies to preserved flower varieties that have been dyed. Avoid placing your dried flowers near a window where they will be forced to weather direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.

You should also avoid giving them a permanent place near a vent where they will come in direct contact with heat, as this will accelerate their natural decay.


Deter mold or mildew from developing on your dried flowers by displaying them in a dry, well-ventilated area of your home or office. If your stems are contained in an opaque vase or vessel, be sure to monitor their contents for any changes.

Remember, do not add water! Dried flowers do not require moisture.

It's also wise to steer clear of environments with high humidity, as repeated exposure can cause the shape of dried flowers to sag or wilt over time. If placing your arrangement in a bathroom, choose a spot far away from your shower and any steam it produces.


Dried flowers are fragile and can break easily. When trimming their stems or preening petals while cleaning, make sure to handle your dried flower arrangement with the utmost care. Using a feather duster or gently blowing compressed air is an ideal way to get rid of dust without any contact.

Hot tip: If your dried flowers do break, try using hot glue to repair them!


Wear and tear is more likely to happen if your dried floral arrangement is displayed in a room or area where there’s lots of action. For example, placing your dried flowers on a dining table will mean your florals will have to endure lots of movement, shuffling and contact. Instead, try placing the dried blooms in a permanent spot out of reach from kids, pets or client traffic. This will add shelf-life to your floral investment.

It's also important to be mindful of pest traffic. Routinely check your dried flowers for insects that might be attracted to organic matter.


With so many designs available, you may want to rotate your dried flower arrangements seasonally, or update them for a special event. When storing dried flowers, use an appropriately-sized box or container that will protect them and avoid damage while they are being stored.

Also, remember that choosing an area with good air-flow instead of a humid environment will help maintain your dried flowers' original condition until you are ready to display it again.


Now that you know more about how to care for your dried blooms, check out our Dried Flower offerings to find the perfect match for your home or office space. All of our designs are made in our private studio and arrive ready to display.

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June 28, 2023 by Denisse Trevizo

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