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This past month we had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Kim and Jaqueline, the dynamite duo behind Unco.  This team is changing the way we think about ethical apparel and sustainable living.   Unco works with you to create a wardrobe that is versatile, practical, ethically sourced and fashion forward.  Learn more about Unco capsule boxes here.

Wild North had the pleasure of working with the team leading up to the launch of Unco's Pop-Up.  The goal was to create something earthy, design orientated and magic to bring that extra punch of sparkle to the space.  We are always up for creatively spirited projects - this was right up our alley.  

Starting with a blank slate - we created a custom dried plant wall.  All of our materials were 100% local, grown in Ontario, and dried by our designers in our downtown studio.  We wanted to create something in the spirit of Unco and Wild North, something that celebrates our local community, nature, and as always includes a generous dose of whimsy. 

Our team worked through the night to create this wild rose inspired wall that grows up the wall and frames the showrooms mirror.  We also created a dried rose wall that backs the bar where Unco served Tease Teas!  


Banner Photo & Photos 1 & 2 by: 

Janine Maral, http://www.janinemaral.com/, @janinemaral


April 26, 2018 by Jennifer Fowlow

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