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Sometimes Christmas can be overwhelming for florists.  From the impossible palette of red and white to the need for the product to last for weeks to the high level of kitsch... But we have learned that there are always ways to make Christmas cool.  When Hudson's Bay asked us to be a part of their annual window display reveal we were so pumped to go all in on the Christmas Spirit.  Our special creations were used to transform the tunnel that runs from Saks Fifth Avenue to the Toronto Eaton Center - creating a magical viewing area for VIP patrons.  These patrons got front row seats to the window reveal & outdoor concert.   

Our collaborators were so open and down to get creative.  We utilized Orchids and Palm leaves to bring a bit of a twist to the traditional poinsettias and red and white palette.  We were thinking Mad Man meets Hawaiian Christmas.  Any chance we have to go BIG, we go BIG - it was so fun to create two totally oversized arrangements.  After years of going gaga over Putnam & Putnam's floral vitrines, we were able to let our inspiration run wild and create a Wild North version.  We also created contemporary arrangements for coffee tables, the bar and several cruiser tables.  Here's to more contemporary, tropical Holiday celebrations!    

December 04, 2018 by Bethany Puttkemery



Cindy said:

Love the frosty plumosa!

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