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Send Stunning Flowers in Toronto & the GTA

We love working with RW&CO and this Fall/Winter press preview was no exception.  It was especially gratifying given the launch of their #RWGIVES campaign.  RW&CO chose three female brand ambassadors that exemplify women's empowerment; Ashley Callingbull, Karine Vanasse & Tessa Virtue.  Each ambassador selected a charity to partner with and RW&CO is asking all women to participate in giveaways that are rooted in uplifting women.  Check out the #RWGIVES hashtag for more details. 

Now back to the flowers! We loved diving into monotone flashes of red and blue.  We utilized industrial elements like cinderblocks to maintain an editorial edge amongst the beautiful and romantic Berkley Fieldhouse.  Here are some of our favorite shots by @klassh

October 16, 2019 by Bethany Puttkemery

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