Flower and Plant Care – Wild North Flowers
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Flower Care - Expert Tip:  Changing the water in the vase each day will help keep bacteria from mutiplying, and trimming the stems with sharp scissors will help your flowers grow! Every flower has a different life expectancy, and some will die sooner than others. To keep the water free of bacteria, remove any delicate blooms as they wilt, to keep the hearty flowers lasting!

Hand Tied Bouquets


Your hand tied bouquet comes prearranged, and tied with floral wire to keep each flower in place. Please leave this floral wire on the bouquet, and remove it from it's travelling water bag. The bouquet should be placed in a vase filled with chilled water, so that each stem is submerged at least one inch deep. Your bouquet should be kept out of direct sunlight in order to last. Enjoy watching it bloom!

Potted Cacti & Succulents


Your potted cacti and succulents love lots of bright light! To keep these plants happy, place them near a window where they will receive lots of sunshine throughout the day. Your cacti and succulents will require one table spoon of water every 14 days. Enjoy watching them grow!

Vase Arrangements


Your vase arrangement comes prearranged, in either floral foam or water. The arrangement will require chilled water to be added each day to keep the flowers fresh! Your arrangement should be kept out of direct sunlight to avoid wilting. Enjoy watching it bloom!



Your terrarium will need direct sunlight in order to thrive. Place your terrarium near a window where it will receive bright light. Each little succulent and cactus within the terrarium will require one table spoon of water every 14 days. Enjoy watching it grow!

Plant Care - Expert Tip:  Cacti and Succulents are very low maintenance and the easiest way to kill them is to give them too much love! Minimal watering is key, otherwise cacti and succulents are prone to rotting. The drier, sunnier climate, the better!