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Have a look below to see when your favourite blooms are in season!

Each season has its own presence and poise.

Spring is the herald of bright-coloured youth and optimism. Summer is abundant and riotous. Autumn is a little more mature and subdued--its crisp palette always falling in unison. At Wild North Flowers, we design with seasonality in mind; we want each of our creations to reflect the season’s unique offerings. We always use 100% local, Ontario-grown blooms and North American-sourced greens. The bouquet or arrangement you order will contribute to sustaining local farming practices, use less fuel for transport in comparison to imports, and will last longer! 

Our province takes its quarterlies seriously; each is distinct and possesses its own timetable of blooms that appear in accordance to the turning of the seasons.

Some Ontario flowers have staying-power, while others are rare fan-favourites only emerging for a brief time each year. Although it can be heartbreaking to think that your favourite flower is not available year-round, its brevity makes it all the more special and might even leave room in your heart to discover a new darling in its absence. Below is a chart to let you know what we have in store each season (and what new treasures you might unearth).

ontario local flower availability chart