Good To Be Good Foundation IWD Event "Each For Equal"
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Good To Be Good Foundation IWD Event "Each For Equal"
Here at Wild North Flowers, we're all about equality, community and women's empowerment, and this International Women's Day we have the opportunity to partner with one of our favourite organizations that embodies these values: the Good To Be Good Foundation. This past summer we took part in their diverse and inclusive UNDIVIDED Campaign and were inspired by their work and the amazing group of women that Char San Pedro brought together to execute this campaign. There was no question when we were presented with the opportunity to partner with them again for our March monthly donation that we would say "YES!". On March 8th at The Drake Hotel the Good To Be Good Foundation hosted the Each For Equal, a panel and Q&A discussion that focused on open, honest, and healthy conversations around gender equality, awareness, action as well as the celebration of progress. To learn more about the event, please Good To Be Good Foundation's Facebook Page. Visit the Good To Be Good Foundation's website to learn about the positive impact they're making in the community. 

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March 10, 2020 by Jennifer Fowlow

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