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Smash Stigma - the ringing mantra that we gladly sang while participating in Healing House.  Healing House was a pop-up lead by Casey House, Canada's first stand-alone HIV/AIDS hospital.

"In 2018, we opened the world’s first HIV+ spa and called it Healing House. It was a chance to smash the stigma around skin-to-skin touch, and an opportunity for our HIV+ Healers to connect with patrons in a deeply personal way." - Casey House.  

Healing House popped up on the corner of Peter and Richmond last winter.   We donated loads of tropical plants and succulents to bring some green energy to the healing space.  We can't wait to watch Casey House continue to facilitate projects like this that use creativity, tenderness and community to smash stigma.  To learn more about Casey House visit their website here.

June 20, 2019 by Bethany Puttkemery

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