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It's that time of year again!  The Wedding Bells annual trend forecast came in hot with florals we can really get behind.  We were honoured to be asked to do the pampas grass feature.  Instead of doing the predictable arch or semi-circle we pulled inspiration from some of our favourite pampas installs  - CLOUDS!  We brought some unexpected materials to the table as well; dried solidago, corn stalks, dried amaranthus, and fern cuttings.  We love love love the textural trend that's happening right now and let me tell you we are SO prepared for it.  Anything that doesn't get used in an arrangement gets dried and stored in our second studio space.   

I absolutely love doing installs.  Part of the fun is showing up to a shoot and your collaborators asking if you need help getting anything into the space, "Do you have a lot of stuff?".  They meet us at the van and the look on their faces is always like *woah* - it's priceless.  Biggest tip!  Whenever doing anything floral related - bring everything! The more unpredictable the better. 

The team at Wedding Bells Magazine was so helpful and kind.  Our wedding coordinator Mackenzie and I had such a fun time designing our pampas clouds.  I can't stress this enough - trust your florists!  We are creative little engines ready to go full speed for your wedding or event.  Tell us your vibe, explain the experience you want your guests to have, let us guide you creatively to achieve the experience you've always dreamt of!  

Enjoy these BTS shots!  Don't forget to check out our feature, along with features by some of our favourite floral friends,  

February 24, 2019 by Bethany Puttkemery

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