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We had the absolute pleasure of participating in the District 28 Open House last month.  We are OBSESSED with D28 so when Diana Seminara, their events coordinator, asked us if we'd like to collaborate we jumped at the opportunity. 

What do we love about D28?  It is designed for the perfect cool, sophisticated, artful, and laid back city wedding.  Its located in the quaint Leslieville, an easy place for any out of towner or city dweller to access.  Its ceremony space is TO DIE FOR.  360 infinity walls that reach to the ceiling and a reception area that gives you factory windows, an instagrammable dance floor area, string lights, and a totally blank canvas.  It is so easy to transform this space and it will provide you with STUNNING photos every time.  Did we mention that Dianna is a literal coordinating angel?  

We collaborated on three tablescapes and one artful installation.  We took over the dance floor to bring you something different.  We used twigs, branches, and some of our favourite spring flowers - hellebore, forsythia, and tulips - to create a textural wonderland for attendees to explore.  The focus was on movement and creativity, trying to imagine (and demonstrate) how botanicals can be used creatively to create new environments.  We hope that the installation depicted that specific moment when spring starts to sprout through the frozen ground.  When the white of snow and the icy sky is met with brilliant sunshine yellow forsythia - the first colour of spring. 

Enjoy these photos by our all-time favourite photographer, Janet Kwan!  Check out her website for all your photography needs!


February 24, 2019 by Adex Labs Support Collaborator

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