We Use 100% Locally-Grown Flowers!

Vase Arrangement Flower Subscription


The Gift of Frequent Flowers: Spread the love with the gift that keeps on giving! 

6 Month Vase Arrangement Subscription:

$85 Glass Vase: Once a month $430 (Typically $510);

Twice a month $830 (Typically $1020)

$100 Glass Vase: Once a month $510 (Typically $600); 

Twice a month $950 (Typically $1200)

$150 Glass Vase: Once a month $750 (Typically $900); 

Twice a month $1450 (Typically $1800)

12 Month Vase Arrangement Subscription:

$85 Glass Vase: Once a month $830 (Typically $1020);

Twice a month $1650 (Typically $2040)

$100 Glass Vase: Once a month $950 (Typically $1200); 

Twice a month $1850 (Typically $2400)

$150 Glass Vase: Once a month $1450 (Typically $1800); 

Twice a month $2850 (Typically $3600)

These prices include delivery in the City of Toronto (anything starting with an 'M' postal code).

*Additional delivery charges DO apply for delivery to the GTA.* You will be charged a $12 delivery fee when you check out, and then will be invoiced separately for the additional delivery balance owing. For example: If you order a once a month 6-month subscription to a GTA address, you will be charged $12 at checkout, and then will be invoiced $12 for the remaining 5 deliveries, totaling $60 plus tax. 

Vase Arrangement Subscription includes the following: a Designer's Choice arrangement designed in its vase (provided by us) delivered once or twice a month for 6 or 12 months, a trio of empty bud vases for you to display loose blooms in, a tall metal vase, and a pair of clippers (to recut the stems). 


What do the different sizes look like? You can see more examples of our glass vase arrangement sizes here.  

Can the recipient change the delivery address or date themselves? Yes, just have them call or email us to make the change. But please note, this is not a pre-paid credit for flowers, it is a subscription that is to be sent to the same address at regular intervals throughout the year. The address and dates can be adjusted once or twice, but can't be changed over and over again. 

Where do you deliver? You can check out our delivery map here, but we deliver pretty much everywhere in the GTA. See notes above re: delivery costs. You will be charged $12 per delivery for GTA postal codes. All City of Toronto deliveries (M postal codes) are free. 

When will the flowers be delivered? You select the first delivery date when checking out. After that, if not otherwise stated, they will be delivered on the same day of the week each month. For example, for a once a month order, if they are delivered on the first Wednesday of a month, they will always be delivered on the first Wednesday of each month. For a twice a month order, they will be delivered in two-week intervals, always on the same day of the week. Of course, this can be changed if the recipient has a different preference. 

How long will the flowers last? Because all of our flowers are locally grown, they are super fresh. We like to include some delicate and dainty blooms along with more hardy blooms, so the lifespan will range between 5-10 days. We include some bud vases with your first order so that you can take out the long-lasting blooms, recut their stems, and then enjoy them on their own for even longer. 

Will the flowers look the same each month? Not at all! As we use all Ontario-grown flowers, we select the best of what is in season. Our designs are constantly changing, and no two arrangements are ever the same. Check out our seasonal availability chart to see what is blooming each month. The automatic colour palette for subscription arrangements is "Designer's Choice", but please let us know of any colour of flower likes and dislikes and we will do our best to accommodate. 

Where will the flowers be left if I am not home? If you live in a condo, we are happy to leave the flowers with your concierge, (just make sure they are willing to accept them). We can also leave them right outside your apartment door if you give us your buzz code (and you trust your neighbours). If you live in a house and no one is home, we can leave the flowers with a neighbour, just let us know who. In the winter when temperatures drop below zero the flowers can't be left outside or they will freeze (and may die). 

What if I am going on holiday? No worries! Just email us and we would be happy to delay your delivery by a week (or just skip the month if you prefer). 

What are the clippers for? Fresh flowers like to have their ends recut every few days. It helps them drink and therefore last longer. Some of the hardier blooms can last 10+ days when properly cared for. 

Do I have to prepay? If you want to get the best available prices, then yes you have to prepay. If you prefer to be billed monthly, that can also be arranged (at a higher price than listed here). Just email us to set this up. 

Can I see a photo of each arrangement? Sadly we are not able to email a photo of each subscription delivery - there are simply not enough hours in the day! 

Any other questions? Feel free to email us at orders@wildnorthflowers.com or call us at 416-504-3000

We deliver Monday to Saturday. You can order online until 9:30 AM for Same-Day delivery.