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Pastel Playhouse

Pastel Playhouse

The pastel palace of Alyssa Garrison is full of play, elegance and a touch of magic.  And did we mention that there are multiple cute pups?  We had the pleasure of outfitting her new abode with some floral love for her special #heaveninhighpark home reveal.  

Check out more floral features in the #heaveninhighpark home reveal on RAOP's blog here.  Also, check out the feature as seen on Glitter Guide here

All photos beautifully shot by Scarlet O'Neill (check out more of her work here:   

June 28, 2018 by Jennifer Fowlow


This past month we had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with Kim and Jaqueline, the dynamite duo behind Unco.  This team is changing the way we think about ethical apparel and sustainable living.   Unco works with you to create a wardrobe that is versatile, practical, ethically sourced and fashion forward.  Learn more about Unco capsule boxes here.

Wild North had the pleasure of working with the team leading up to the launch of Unco's Pop-Up.  The goal was to create something earthy, design orientated and magic to bring that extra punch of sparkle to the space.  We are always up for creatively spirited projects - this was right up our alley.  

Starting with a blank slate - we created a custom dried plant wall.  All of our materials were 100% local, grown in Ontario, and dried by our designers in our downtown studio.  We wanted to create something in the spirit of Unco and Wild North, something that celebrates our local community, nature, and as always includes a generous dose of whimsy. 

Our team worked through the night to create this wild rose inspired wall that grows up the wall and frames the showrooms mirror.  We also created a dried rose wall that backs the bar where Unco served Tease Teas!  


Banner Photo & Photos 1 & 2 by: 

Janine Maral,, @janinemaral


April 26, 2018 by Jennifer Fowlow
lululemon Living Wall

lululemon Living Wall

Magic happens when creatives facilitate each others practice.  Wild North is currently in residence at lululemons 318 Queen st. location.  Every three months 318 hosts a new artist in residency and we were lucky to be invited to exhibits during the months of February, March and April.    

We went all out for this one!  We created a Living Wall with aid of our botanical stylist Wes Lincoln and a team that is always ready to get their hands dirty.  

Starting from the ground up - we built this baby with all local plants and lots of love measuring almost 12ft in height!  "Living Wall" will be residing at lululemons 318 Queen st. West location until the end of April. 

We'd love to see your interactions with the wall - be sure to tag us (@wildnorthflowers) when you visit.  We hope that this lush beauty brings the tropics to lulus patrons - helping them get through the grey of winter.  

April 06, 2018 by Jennifer Fowlow


Can we take a moment to talk about this DREAMY bridal shower?  Our pal Michelle of Fancy Pufs threw a beautiful shower at Colette last spring in celebration of her upcoming marriage.  We had the pleasure of turning up some flower magic for her.     

This is PALETTE GOALS people!  Lilacs, buttery yellows, and lavenders, chosen to mimic the delicateness of a Forget-Me-Not (Michelles shower inspiration).  This was definitely one of our favourite events of the year!  We're ready for more Colette events, the restaurant is effortlessly cool with a sophisticated French Country vibe.  

Be sure to head over to Wedluxe and check out the Forget Me Not inspired shower there.  Photos by Mango Studios.   Congrats Michelle!

January 08, 2018 by Jennifer Fowlow
Dramatic & Elegant Wedding Inspiration

Dramatic & Elegant Wedding Inspiration

Regal, warm, rich, and textural - the directive for our creative shoot featured on Elegant Wedding as "DRAMATIC ELEGANT WEDDING INSPIRATION" a collaboration with STORI Events.  Wild North went editorial for this baby! 

Jessy and Laurence of STORI Events assembled a dreamy creative team to conquer their vision; Titus of Norr Studios (photography), Stephanie Major of Judy Inc (Stylist), Aniya Nandy of Aniya Nandy Beauty (hair and makeup), and Sydney of Dulcedo Models (talent).

  The shoot took place at the Scarborough Bluffs.  The soft grey tones of the Bluffs countered its rocky texture, casting the perfect mood to back the shoot.  The palette was moody, rich and renaissance, elegance with a punch of edge.  Stephanie Major ROCKED the styling, serving up look after look. 

We got a chance to play with velvety Celosia, in scarlets, burgundys, and burnt umbers in the custom installation we did along the rocky face of the Bluffs.

We continued our textural venture into the land of bittersweet (in our bridal bouquet) and in the addition of standing Amaranthus dramatically added to our centerpieces.  And can we talk about those BEAUTY Piano Roses?  Or how about those Antonio Valente (our talented flower farmer) Koko Loko Roses?

Dramatic Wedding Centrepiece - Toronto Scarborough BluffsScarborough Bluffs - Wedding Inspiration Wild North Flowers - Toronto

December 12, 2017 by Jennifer Fowlow
Modern Chinese Tea Ceremony Shoot

Modern Chinese Tea Ceremony Shoot

This past month Wild North teamed up with Justin Ming of Puzzle Creations and Heidi Lau of Heidi Lau Photography to contribute to a “Modern Day Chinese Tea Ceremony” styled shoot.  Ming pitched the project as a modern twist on a traditional Chinese New Year shoot. Things got interesting when Ming and Lau sent us the colour palette - pale pinks, creams, peaches and browns.  Colours that definitely depart from the traditional  palettes of red and scarlet that usually mark this celebration. The cherry on top was that the team was also into foraged goodies - yes, we were in!   
Although the celebration doesn’t actually happen until February of next year, it was easy to feel the buzz with such a talented stack of creatives; Hair and makeup by Justin Ming of Puzzle Creations (@puzzlcreations) and Janet Ford of Ford Beauty (@ford_beauty) , Photography by Heidi Lau of Heidi Lau Photography(@heidilauphoto), gems by Brockton Gems (@brocktongems), and the stunning talent, Kelly (@kellywongstagram). 
We made up our best foraged, creamy, natural, celebratory arrangement and bouquet and sent our babies out with Ming to be photographed the next day.  Needless to say, the photographs speak for themselves.  We fell in LOVE with the shoot images when we received them.  The gorgeous teal couch, patterned dress, and styling complimented our rosey, creamy flowers.  Simplicity honoured  intention and were paired with rich texture to create images that exuded a rich, luxe beauty.  We can't wait to work with this team again!  
Workshop Tips

Workshop Tips

Wondering what we teach in our workshops? Jackie from Something About That just posted her top 11 tips from our Vase Arrangement 101 Workshop. Click the link below to get the scoop! 

April 17, 2017 by Jennifer Fowlow


Fall is here! Designers have always had a mad love affair with autumn; its palette is rich, warm and cozy and its textures are just as ample. Now that the temperatures are dropping, us Canadians will immanently be spending more time indoors. At WNF, we have created a step by step guide to help you bring the outdoors inside with your very own fall floral arrangement that will impress your pilgrimage of holiday guests. 


Choosing a vessel for your arrangement sets the tone for the piece you will create. A glass vase suggests a clean and modern aesthetic, whereas an antique pitcher will add character to your piece. For this arrangement we have chosen a compote in a neutral tone to create a low and lush centrepiece. 

Prepare tall and/or transparent vessels with a grid of floral tape along the perimeter of the vase. For wider and/or opaque vessels, form chicken wire into a hollow ball and use floral tape to secure it into place. Add water for your thirsty friends!

 How to make your own fall floral centrepiece

 TIP: Compotes are a great choice for table arrangements, as they are low and do not block the view of your guest across the table. With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s a great option!


Just like a chef or a baker, floral designers have recipes to (loosely) follow. Greens are always the first ingredient  in making your recipe. Think of your greens as the bones of your piece, dictating the shape and support for your flowers later on. If you desire a round shape, evenly distribute your greens along the grid you have created. For a more organic shape, leave negative spaces to anticipate the addition of florals. Be sure to strip the stem of any foliage below the base of the grid to keep any stray leaves out of the water. 

How to make your own fall flower arrangement

TIP: Use more than one kind of greenery to create an interesting shape. For our arrangement we have added a darker foliage to achieve tonal depth. 


Find a base flower you would like to use as the backdrop to your piece. Base flowers are best when they are sprays; sprays have several breaks in one stem and can cover lots of area. For our arrangement we have started with two variations of sprays: thryptomene and yarrow. Place some of the base flowers as following the lines of your greens, while others can deviate away, adding to the overall shape. 

How to make your own fall flower arrangement

 TIP: When using more than one kind of flower in a step, try grouping them together to create an organic feel. The same technique can be applied to tones and colours.


Find florals with texture and height to add some dimension to your piece. As we mentioned, fall and texture go hand in hand, so for our piece we have opted for some ornamental grasses and Queen Anne’s lace to soften up our piece with the warm-and-fuzzy-allover feelings they give us. Pick something that reminds you of putting on your favourite fall sweater! For lines, a foraged branch from a fall stroll would be a lovely addition to your piece.

How to make your own fall flower arrangement

TIP: Give your textural and line flowers lots of space to do their thing. Build upon the shape you have so far created, rather than cramming them in. 


You’ve added all these ingredients, but for some reason it feels like something’s missing… It’s time for the piece de resistance, the main course, the third act: your focal. Your focal flower is where the eye will immediately be drawn to, so make sure it expresses your colour palette well. For our focal, we have chosen to use dahlias, the perfect fall local focal in deep red and cafe au lait colours. You might notice that we have deviated from the classic fall palette for something a little more modern and muted; if you are a traditionalist, sunflowers would be a wonderful choice for your focal. 

How to make your own fall flower arrangement

TIP: Less is more when it comes to focal. Applying one or two per visible side of your arrangement will let the flower take centre stage. 


Secondary focal flowers should compliment your focal from step five. Think of your secondaries as the accessories to your perfect fall outfit. Just as the perfect boot or scarf can elevate your look, so can a rose or a stem of lisianthus. 

How to make your own fall flower arrangement  

TIP: Your arrangement might be getting a little crowded. If a stem wont go in where you want it, don't force it. Find a place where its natural shape can fit, like the last pieces of a puzzle. 


It’s time for the bonus round. Find a flower that is airy and delicate to give your piece an ethereal feel. This last ingredient should be delicate and lightly threaded in to your arrangement as the last step. Our favourite step seven flowers are scabiosa (used in our arrangement) or cosmos.  

How to make your own fall flower arrangement

 TIP: You are nearly done! Make sure your piece has some dimension—place your “extras”  in friendly positions, almost as if they are popping out of your arrangement to say hello to your admiring guests. 

 **We have lots of new centre piece additions to our online ordering roster that would make the perfect Thanksgiving favour. Feel free to check them out here

- Written by Katie Jordon

October 05, 2016 by Jennifer Fowlow


As a floral designer, there is a particular conundrum faced when all our weekly goodies arrive in their buckets looking oh-so-wild, unkempt and farm-fresh. At Wild North, it is our wish and aesthetic to preserve that wildness our local growers supply by offering our recipients blooms right from Ontario’s big backyard. So where is the conundrum? Each of those blooms that appeared on our doorstep must be cleaned, trimmed and arranged; ultimately, some of that unruly charm becomes domesticated. The Japanese art of flower arrangement, Ikebana, explains this as the tasking of harmoniously combining the natural world with the human one. A designer needs loyal colleagues with a shared appreciation for rugged refinement if they are to consciously create an arrangement that is authentic to its materials. Who is my best co-worker, companion and friend in the studio? My dog Rosie. 

Toronto Florist - Save Our Scruff - Charity Donations

Rosie was a country rescue mutt turned city dweller after my partner and I adopted her—a little bit like the flowers we bring into our workspace here. She is a brute and a darling; a little untamed, but (usually) well behaved. She is an embodiment of the balance I strive for as a designer: somewhere between spontaneous and thoughtful, wily and sweet. On days when I am able to bring Rosie with me to the studio, she always reminds me how important it is to stop and smell the flowers (she really does stop to smell all the flowers). Both flowers and pets have the capacity to make us feel an effortless and irrational joy. Our other working pups, Bailey and Cole—brother and sister shih-poos—act in coercion as conjoined twins or each others’ shadows, as if they were telepathic. But, no matter how in sync they always seem to be, Bailey is curious where Cole is stoic, serving to remind us of another element in design: opposites attract and compliment each other. Our canine residents are infinitely wise, if you know how to listen to them. 

Wild North Flowers + Save Our Scruff - Charity - Toronto Florist

When deciding which charity to donate 2% of our monthly sales to, choosing Save Our Scruff a second time was a no-brainer for the entire team. Save Our Scruff is a wonderful organization in Toronto that pairs rescue dogs with their forever-homes. Visit their website to learn all about your new best friend and maybe even your new muse. If you know an organization that would like to be a part of our donation sales program for the month of August, please contact us at

Written by Katie Jordon, Wild North Flowers Floral Designer

July 26, 2016 by Jennifer Fowlow